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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

MMA Pro Fighter Cheat Engine

If you ever have tried to find mma pro fighter cheats you have certainly founded the cheat engine tool. That tool changes any variable in the game, that includes (but not limited to) energy, pro points, health and stamina. You can download the latest version of this program for free on this site. Unfortunately I didn’t succeed in cheating this game, perhaps it is a lack of knowledge but as a matter of fact I personally believe that all those cheats with surveys are just made to trick you. If you think that you have knowledge to hack the game then you should try it.
How to use this cheats

Download, install and start cheat engine. While running mma pro fighter write down the value what you want to change and then in the program find the active process of your browser (chrome.exe, firefox.exe etc.) find the value you have written down and then click execute. That is the story behind all those cheat guides available on net regarding cheat engine, but unfortunately I haven’t managed to make working any one of this so called “cheats”. You could continue surfing to fin the one that is working, but I must warn you to be careful and not to do surveys, because they have always been a trick to scam you and take your money away (at least that was the mine experience),

MapleStory Adventures hacks and cheats

What you need:

1)[FILE] maplestoryadventures

2) Firefox/Chrome

3) Cheat Engine

A. Open process in CE.
B. Click “Memory View” button (Under the address table)
C. Click Tools, next, Auto Assemble
D. Paste the entire code from the file that you downloaded (1).
E. Click Execute.

If you picked the right process it will automatically inject all of the AoBs.

* Never Miss
* Monster VAC (you must be in town)
* Monster Never Walk
* Auto Pickup
* Tamed Monster Hack (tamed mobs that you equip appear bigger)
* Instant Harvest
* Fast Respawn Hack
* Energy Request
* Max Damage (MAX DMG)
* God Mode (block every attack)
* AoE Radius
* Unlimited Range
* Speed Hack (walk super fast)


Wild Ones Pro weapon and ammo hack

By using this trick you can get any weapon:
1.request thunderstrom ammo/nuke ammo
2.copy the link location in notepad
3.edit the name of the weapon in the link like this:
4.open your dummy
5.click the link and go back to the main account, voila you got the weapon you desire

weapon code
-GAMMA STAR=gammastar
-GAME OVER NUKE=gameovernuke
-FIRE STORM=firestorm
and so on…

Pet Society Cheats

Pet Society has been a popular among other Facebook Applications. I really enjoy my time spending playing with my pet in Facebook Pet Society but there are times that I need to spare for my self and there are things that I want to upgrade or improve my Pet lifestyle. So if you are looking for Pet Society Cheats, you are lucky to be here because I’ll be sharing my all time gathered pet society cheats. Question: How earn more coins?
Answer: You can earn coins by visiting your friends. and you can earn coins by racing and playing your pet.

Question: How to hack levels & money on Pet Society?
Answer: Make sure that you’re using FlashPlayer version 9
How to:

Buy an apple in the foodstore.
Setup Cheat Engine: http://tinyurl.com/d5f6zo
Tick HEX and the value is: “840FFF85C12A0FF2″ (remove the “”)
In Cheat Engine 5.5 goto the second adress - disassemble it - change ECX to -FF6D7011
Buy another apple.
In Cheat Engine 5.5 goto second adress - disassemble it - change ECX to negative value
Go back to your house
Save & Done

Here’s a Video of Facebook Pet Society Cheats:

Tetris Battle Ultimate Hack

Tetris Battle Ultimate Hack


Download Link:http://www.mediafire.com/?r8p5xa0s8925vk3

1.Open your browser
2.Open Fiddler 2
3.Go to Auto Responser Tab
4.Check "Enable Auto responses" and " Unmatched request passthrough"
5.And then , drag the collect.xml , init.xml and complete.xml
6.And then Load the Tetris Battle , Collect Bonus and Play !!

Have fun!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cooking mama hack and cheat for facebook

What we need?

1) Firefox or Chrome

2) Cheat Engine (go to download section)


1. Open Cheat Engine
2. In the process list, select plugin-container.exe (Firefox Users) / The 3rd Chrome.exe (Chrome users)
3. Tick ‘Also scan read only mem’
4. Scan current amount of EXP
5. Cook a dish and gain some EXP.
6. NEXT scan new EXP.
7. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until only 3 addresses remain
8. Change the values of the 3 addresses to 500000
9. You will level up and gain a lot of coins!
10. Max level is 40 (exp shown on screenshot above

Slots World cheats – many coins and Cash Cheat


1. Open Charles and check that the Proxy is recording. (proxy tab)
2. Enter Slots World…
3. In Charles, you should see the line “http://lb01.slothstampede.com”
4. Expand and find gateway.php(SecureUserService.getUserInfo) ”
5. Right click this gateway.php and tick Breakpoints.
6. Note the Red Hexagon button. That toggles Breakpoints. This is useful so you do not have to search for the line to break in future. Just toggle on/off.
7. Make sure Breakpoint is on now then restart the game.
8. It should freeze and a breakpoint tab will now appear in Charles.
9. Click Execute until you see a “Edit Request” tab
10. Click Edit Request > AMF
11. Scroll down and find for “coins and credits”. If you don’t see coins/credits, click Execute until you see another Edit Request tab then search for coins and credits again. See screenshot to see how it should look like. (You should press Execute about 5 times to see the correct Edit Request tab)
12. Now just toggle breakpoints off (press the red hexagon button) and click Execute.
13. The game will unfreeze and start. Buy those x4 cash items to level up super fast!

Coins and Cash saves even after refresh!